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Public-Private Partnerships are one of the most attractive tools being used to help address the urban infrastructural development crisis. Their use is based on the recognition that both the public and private sectors can benefit by pooling their resources to improve the delivery of basic services to all citizens. PPP are an effective means of establishing cooperation between public and private sectors and to bundle financial resources, know-how and expertise to address the urban development needs. PPPs offer alternatives to full privatization, combining the advantages of both the public and the private sector.

What we do?

RPM Infracon supports the development of innovative partnerships between public and private sectors. Focusing on assisting small, medium and metro cities, RPM Infracon works with all potential stakeholders, including investors, providers, regulators, users, and experts to meet the challenge of providing successful Public Private Partnership Projects.

We undertake all activities, studies, modeling and designing etc. to enable successful bidding of the project for selection of Private Sector Developer to implement the projects on PPP mode, on the best feasible terms, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Undertaking feasibility studies to assess technical, financial, economical, environmental and social viability of the project based on PPP model. The feasibility study, inter alia, includes preliminary design of the project, preliminary drawings, preliminary cost estimates, preliminary economic and financial viability analysis, preliminary environmental and social feasibility, preliminary social and environmental action plans, preliminary rehabilitation plans etc.
  • Structuring of various projects on PPP, suggestions for improving its viability for successful marketing of the projects etc. including proposals for 'sweeteners', if required, with their justification for improving the viability of the project and cost and phasing of such 'sweeteners'.
  • Preparation of Project Information Memorandum, bidding documents, contract agreements etc. for selection of developer through competitive bidding process, for the projects.
  • To assist in the bid process management, selection of developer and execution of agreements with selected developers etc.
  • Interface with client for building consensus for appropriate policy & regulatory and institutional reforms as well as coordination with Government and other agencies for facilitating statutory clearances/ approvals required for setting up the projects.
  • To undertake the role of Project Management Consultant for follow up, supervision and coordination etc. during project implementation.
  • To assist in delivering the scope of project monitoring system, appointment of Independent Agency in consultation with selected developers for supervision, design checking, quality control, implementation of specifications, progress of project implementation etc.
  • Any other activity not specifically mentioned but that may be required for the project development.


Chairman - Mr. R.P. Misra

Managing Director - Mr. Parag Misra

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